The Univesity of Gezira ,since its establishment in1975, was giving a special attention to the the s


Institute's mission is to prepare research and rehabilitation programs and training through which the vision of the institute is implemented detail at all levels in all areas of its work, monitoring and evaluation of performance in addition to building bridges with all relevant parties, such as specialized institutes and the sugar companies that benefit from the outcome of the research and studies

Preparation and development of research in the area of cultivation and processing of sugar cane and beet as well as other important sources in the sugar industry, such as stevia and sweet corn starch

Development of agricultural processes using technology packages and take care of improving the specimens cultivated and raise new samples

Consider the methods used in the manufacture of sugar cane and sugar beet in order to achieve quality control and finding the best ways to reduce the cost and reduce manufacturing losses and increase efficiency as well as energy conservation and the prevention of pollution of the environment

The use of biotechnology in the manufacture of other types of sugars are important in the food and pharmaceutical industry

The quest for the development of the industry to take advantage of the side for the manufacture of products such as sugar, molasses and bagasse and waste research and to increase the production yield and prevent pollution of the environment locally

The design of the equipment used in the sugar and related industries and the preparation of feasibility and technical expertise for the manufacture of sugar industry studies

Organizing training courses and seminars and public lectures on issues and problems of the production, processing and marketing of sugar

Formulate and organize curricula for training in agricultural and industrial disciplines in the field of sugar at the level of undergraduate and postgraduate

Encourage writing, translation, publishing and building a specialized library in the field of agriculture and sugar industry

Cooperation with organizations and institutions working in the area of interest within the Institute and outside the country and to establish links with them

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